As a business, you should always be ready to go that extra mile when it comes to improving sales. Companies that are working towards expanding their brand turn towards the most unlikely places.
Business will grow only when it properly showcase its products and services to the target audience. It is better to plan the most effective way to showcase your services and results.
Owning a business magazine or starting your own business magazine can be an excellent sales booster. A business magazine makes it easy to market products and a visual presentation is always better. For the matter of fact, when people who read at least one magazine per month were asked about their preference of reading print vs. digital issue of their favourite magazines, 44% of them chose print compared to just 27% who claimed to read only digital issues. So to increase your sale, you can start your own magazine and distribute them to your target spectators.
Here are some of the top reasons why starting your own print magazine and using it for advertisement can result in sales growth.
1. Gain More Brand Awareness
Today, one of the quickest ways to gain exposure for your brand is by sharing useful content that appeals to the type of customers you are after. Most businesses are doing this by producing digital content (or curating online content) to attract followers and showcase the brand.
Not just that, a successful magazine could also bring in a decent sum of advertising dollars while you cover magazine printing cost and attract new subscribers. Put those subscriber emails into your mailing list and utilize it for promotional purposes and new product launches. Thus, your business will get good exposure and your brand will be known to many people.
2. Use it for Laser Targeted Marketing
It becomes quite easy to market your products when you have your target audience determined. This is absolutely the biggest advantage when it comes to advertising in your own magazine. What better way to find an audience in your niche than creating a magazine that people just love?
You can leverage this audience for your business, which will directly result in increased sales. For example, if you are selling a product that targets parents, you can start a parenting magazine. This way you can ensure that people who are genuinely interested in your niche will see the ads you place in the magazine. In the end, it’s all about getting a positive return on your investment over magazine printing and having a targeted audience will help you achieve that.
3. Make Your Content (and Ads) Last Long on the Shelves
When was the last time you’ve been to a waiting room? If you remember, you would have noticed a fair share of magazines on that reading table and maybe a few newspapers. Since print magazines are made with a high-quality paper, they tend to last much longer than the newspapers do.
Plus, the newspapers are published on a daily (in some cases, weekly) basis but not just once a month as is the case with most magazines. This is why magazines stay longer on the shelves of reading lounges and libraries.
Most importantly, the content you will find in print magazines is generally higher quality than what you will find in newspapers, which is why more people will go through them to find and read interesting articles. Of course, this will increase the likelihood of people seeing your advertisement there.
4. Gets You More Ad Engagement Compared to Online Medium
With magazines, it’s likely you are going to notice a higher engagement rate compared to online medium because people actually pick up the magazine to give it a serious read. This is much unlike a website where most people will just skim through the content and typically ignore the ads they see on the page. Plus, when someone is done reading a magazine, they can give it to their friends or relatives for them to read it and this means more people in your audience may notice your Ad.
5. It can be turned into a standalone media division for your company
Now, this is the best-case scenario for your magazine. You can scale it so it becomes big enough to become a standalone media division and generate revenue (and profits) for your company. Your magazine can even become a great blog of sorts in its niche. Once people start following the blog or magazine, you’ll have many people reading your content and watching your ads. This will boost your business revenue and give wide exposure to your brand.
Thus, owning a magazine will not only increase your sale but will increase your reach to a wide audience.
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